Ever wanted to try yoga?
Looking for a restorative yoga class with room for personal guidance?
Just curious for what exactly Okido Yoga is?

Then come join us on Tuesday evenings!

The aim of the Tuesday evening class is relaxation and recovery.
A class full of stillness, in which we loosen the muscles, bring our attention back into the body, cenect to our breathing and let go of mental tension. Developing a stable posture is also a recurring theme in these classes.

Every class starts with a warming up, followed by a series of exercises around a certain theme and a meditation or final relaxation to conclude with. The classes are suitable for all conditions, prior experience with yoga is not needed. Yet also for the more experienced yogis the class will be challenging enough, especially if you are interested in the more subtle dimensions of yoga. The group is small, which provides room for personal attention and for adjusting the exercises to individual conditions.

Want to know if that’s what you’re looking for?

Okido Yoga

Okido Yoga is a dynamic and holistic stlye of yoga, developed by the Japanese master Masahiro Oki. Okido Yoga combines classical Indian yoga with exercises from Japanese Zen, Shiatsu and martial arts traditions. Harmonizing body, mind and breathing is the central aim of every exercise. Hence, the key principles of Okido Yoga are not only relevant when doing yoga exercises, but also affect our daily activities. The result: a stable posture, flexible muscles, deep breathing and an open, relaxed mind.